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Customer Testimonials

What People Are Saying About DogWatch by Pro Pet Fences

The Reviews Are In!

The Reviews Are In!

Nancy B.

Lily and Daisy are doing great with the fence. I truly never thought it would be that quick and easy to train them. I also liked your GENTLE way of training them. I would definitely recommend you and your product to anyone who is looking into purchasing a hidden fence system. Thanks again.

Jane P.

February 25, 2016
Just wanted to tell you we have been dealing with Cal Noehring for many years, many projects, service beyond expectations always.


<source: http://www.dogwatch.com/dogtails>

Kate - Moffat, ON

We absolutely love our Dog Watch Hidden fence!  After dealing with another brand sub-par system for years, it was easy to see how much better quality the DogWatch system is.  The system is so easy to make adjustments to and we love the "tattletale feature".  It really helps to identify whether your dog's collar is set to the right level.  With three dogs, two of which are very high energy, this is an important feature!

Calvin was fantastic to work with.  He responded to our questions quickly, was very professional and courteous and really went above and beyond in our opinion.

Greg & Tracie - Toronto

3 Years ago we moved into a downtown neighborhood, in Toronto, with our two children Annie and Douglas (two and four at the time); and our one year old Chloe, a Spaniel mix.

Chloe was curious, playful and most of the time well behaved. But when her favorite peeing spot was my wife's prized designer couch -- we needed help!

I've heard of outdoor "invisible" fencing systems, but I wasn't sure if a system for indoors even existed. At the same time, the system we were looking for needed to be easy to use, fail-safe and humane for Chloe.

I heard about DogWatch from a good friend of ours, who is a vet, and she recommended the system to us.

We called Cal and he was friendly, professional and answered all of our questions. Most of all -- his instructions were easy to follow and Chloe was very responsive to the system.

3 years on, and we still love our DogWatch system. Thanks Cal for providing a Chloe free boundary around my wife's prized couch....

Winnie - Caledon

Just to let you know that Bear Bear is now officially off leashed in my yard. The neighbors' dogs, squirrels, chipmunks and a cat have all taken part in their role as the distraction. But none of them have had a success luring Bear Bear to cross the flags. He would bark at them while sitting a few feet behind the flags. He is a much happier dog and I am definitely happier without worrying when he would run away. Once again, thanks for setting up this system for me!!

B.F. - Caledon

My husband and I left the city and retired on a 5-acre property north of the city. We deeply yearned for the outdoors. We also knew that for our 10 year old American Staffordshire Terrier, Brutus; Carson (5 year old Australian Shepherd) and Zen (8 year old Jack Russell) the open space was exactly what they needed

All of our dogs are active, energetic, and rambunctious - they keep us young. But we were concerned that one day maybe our dogs will not come back home, hit by a car or whatever. So we went searching for an outdoor boundary system, and we wanted to invest in a high quality, safe and compassionate system.

We found DogWatch on a Pet Blog and Cal came highly recommended and seemed to be well liked by his customers.

Our experience with Cal and using the DogWatch system was second to none. There were other options we looked at as well, but at the end of the day we are happy and content that we made the right decision.


Two great reasons to have a DogWatch Hidden Fence. 

Barkley and Ruffles


Anne - Palgrave

Thank you very much for the prompt & helpful service.


Hello Calvin, who would have thought after Sat. that Crosby would get it but he is now running free and happy as can be!!! Thanks...Another Happy customer.

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